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2008 Ensemble Theatre, Sydney




>90 min




Two actors portray ten characters in this unique comedy quintet.  

"Duets" explores the world of love and relationships,
with sharp humour, a big heart - and some very quick changes..
“Duets” is the hilarious new play by the writer of the worldwide hit “Glorious!” and the critically acclaimed “End of the Rainbow”.  An homage to Neil Simon, this feisty romantic comedy explores the chaotic world of male/female relationships..  
Jon & Wendy are on a first date where nerves are likely to get the better of both of them; Barrie & Janet need to find each other a partner, but have to get away from each other first; William & Diana need to decide if they can´t get enough of each other, or can´t wait to get away from each other; Bobby & Shelley are getting divorced, so it was probably a bad idea to go together on holiday; and Toby is helping Angela on her wedding day as she tries to avoid a typhoon of bad omens and impending disaster…
DUETS was completed in June 2008.  It is already booked for premiere productions in 2009 in Sydney, Warsaw and Dublin.