Everything Must Go (English)

av Anders Duus


Edward Buffalo Bromberg


Allt ska bort


Colombine teaterförlag

Antal skådespelare

Kvinnliga: 4    Manliga: 6




60-90 min



Översatt till



Synopsis and roll list
Rapid Falls’ local hero, The Frank, wins first prize in the state lottery, ten thousand a month for twenty-five years, tax free. At his celebration in the local bar he reveals his plan to quit his job in the factory and leave town. Just in time it would seem; the town’s only factory, which recently seemed to be recovering from hard times under foreign management, fires one worker (Jarred, a pessimist loved by no one who retaliates by jamming his lunch box in the traverse) and seems to be gearing up for more layoffs.
When management starts to strip the factory to ship the means of production to places where production is cheaper, they have in effect signed the town’s death notice. Some leave, but some, like bartender Auggie, his wife Bulla, and Marlene from the paint shop, form a revolutionary army to fight for the life of Rapid Falls.
Meanwhile, The Frank has discovered that his lottery win has some strings attached. He is inducted into a regional strike force sent to quell the civil unrest in little Rapid Falls. Jarred, a chip on his shoulder and a rifle in his hands, is watching to make sure that no one warns their ex-workmates.
Caught in the crossfire are Frank’s best friend, Conrad, who drives a cleaning cart at the factory and keeps a low profile, preferring to take care of his aging mother, Mags, who spends her time writing letters to the Swedish King; and Elvgren, a local shop owner who’s loyalties are always in question.
Things go from bad to worse as Rapid Falls falls victim to greed and global outsourcing. The lines are drawn, the battle waged, and nobody survives unscathed.

Auggie – bartender in the local bar, male, 30’s
Bulla – Auggie’s wife, works at the factory, 30’s
Marlene – female worker from the factory paint shop, late 20’s
The Frank – local hero. male, late 20’s
Conrad – The Frank’s oldest friend, male, late 20s
Mags – Conrad’s mother, almost 60
Jarred – a worker in the factory, male, late 20’s
Elvgren – own’s the local appliance store, 40’s
Mr. Fischer – the boss at the factory, male, late 40’s early fifties
Anne Belle Taylor – a voice on the radio