Your Istanbul (English)

av Mia Törnqvist


Edward Buffalo Bromberg


Ditt Istanbul


Colombine teaterförlag

Antal skådespelare

Kvinnliga: 4    Manliga: 3




>90 min



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Your Istanbul is a play about love and longing; the love between brothers, between parents and between man and woman. Salim and Recep are two brothers from an educated, Turkish, middle class family which emigrated from Istanbul to Stockholm, Sweden when the brothers were still quite small. The father is an actor and the mother a gynaecologist. Salim, having followed in his mother’s footsteps, is a doctor. Recep is a carpenter, a cabinet maker. These brothers both fall in love with the same woman, Klara, a surgeon and a colleague of Salim’s. Nurse, who works at the same hospital as Salim and Klara, is in love with Salim.
Klara comes from the country side, from the Baltic island Gotland, and has devoted her entire life to her career. She begins a relationship with Salim but later falls hopelessly in love with the other brother, Recep, and his quiet sensuality when they first meet at a family dinner. Klara leaves Salim quite suddenly, causing him to lose both his brother and his lover, until the day she botches a delicate operation and decides to just disappear. The brothers, through their loss, are gradually reunited.
The characters are motivated by their longing for each other. A dream of Istanbul resonates like a chord throughout the play. Every character has their unique relationship to the city and longs for it in their own fashion.