Sisters (English)

av Boel Forssell


Elisabet Sevholt



Antal skådespelare

Kvinnliga: 3    Manliga: 1


2006 Västerbottensteatern




<60 min



Översatt till



Liv and Sandra are best friends. Born on the same day, the one only two minutes after the other, but on opposite sides of the planet – Liv in Colombia and Sandra in Sweden. They have always celebrated their birthday parties together. But this year, on their tenth birthday, everything takes a different turn. Sandra’s mother can’t cope anymore, and climbs into the bath tub with clothes on and all; completely forgetting about birthday parties and about Sandra. Liv’s mother and father take her to the hospital, and they decide to take Sandra in until her mother is well again. But how long is it going to be? Sandra’s mother needs time – lot of time for her worn soul to recover.

Time passes, and Sandra is getting more and more concerned. Are Liv’s mother and father becoming fed up with taking care of her? Sandra sets out to search for her father; whom she doesn’t know anything about – not even his name. Liv, who’s adopted, knows more about her natural father than Sandra does.

Liv wants to help her best friend. Together they email all men in Sandra’s mother’s computer. No one replies, and they decide to pay each one of them a visit instead. A journey begins – a journey that’s going to raise a lot of questions in the two girls minds. What’s most important – looking like each other physically or connecting to someone? Which are the strongest ties – the ties of blood or the ties of love?

This is an urgent story about contemporary family life; about connection and the yearning for a kindred spirit.

The play is written to be performed for an audience aged ten and older.