Stå upp, Jesus!

av Tuomas Parkkinen


Camilla Frostell


Stand up, Jesus!


Sunklo/Finlands Dramatikerförbund

Antal skådespelare

Kvinnliga: 3    Manliga: 5


2003 Åbo Stadsteater




>90 min



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Stand up, Jesus! is a comedy about the boy who was born in the stable at Bethlehem, who turned the water into wine, who suffered under Pontius Pilate, and who ascended into Heaven. We meet the biblical people in the familiar scenes, but from an entirely novel - comical - point of view. Unlike in the Holy Book, in this messianic comedy Jesus and his near relations are of flesh and blood, ordinary people.

The manner in which the motley crowd of Galileans respond to the exceptional and strange things happening among them, gives the biblical events new meaning and surprising references to the present day. We get (at last!) some real answers to questions like: What causes a family row in the stable at Bethlehem? How did Jesus get his biblical looks and who paid the barber? How does Jesus betray Judas and does he turn the other cheek? How is it possible for Jesus to enter the Gates of Heaven after given the keys to Peter?

Through its hilarious scenes Stand up, Jesus! brings into light the dark and unchanging sides of human nature: the narcissism of great talent, the envy of uncharitable parents and the ambition to exploit everything in order to make money. Indeed, it seems that also the rest of the seven deadly sins are part of the life of the not-so-holy family. Beneath the laughter we, thus, discover the recurring questions of our morality.

The profoundness of the play is unexpected and full of surprises. It plays brilliantly with contradictions between sacred and profane, mystery and knowledge, belief and unbelief. According to one of the reviewers Stand up, Jesus! is at the same time "God damn funny and unbelievably profound".

The renowned and awarded Camilla Frostell has translated the play into Swedish.

This translation is not yet complete. Please contact the translator for further information!

Cast: 3 f + 5 m
Characters: Jesus, Virgin Mary, Josef, Peter, Thomas, Judas, Mary of Magdala, Martha, Melchior, Caspar, Balthazar, Pontius Pilate, Caifas, Barabbas, Luke, and Lasarus