The Traitor (english)

av Jörgen Dicander


Ulla Andersson



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Manliga: 1


2003 Falu Kristine Kyrka




60-90 min



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Judas has left Jesus and the other Apostles at The Last Supper.

Character: The character of Judas is sometimes hard and resolute without compromise, sometimes he is a frail person in doubt. Whether his line of action is the right one. Everything that he has believed in has suddenly become shattered into pieces.

Story: Judas is talking to a not visible Jesus giving hints and suggestions how Jesus can avoid the dire end of his life that will be fulfilled if he marches on towards Gethsemane. The play is a desparate soliloquy from Judas, who is also a member of the Guerillas against the Roman Occupation of Palestine, to Jesus, whom Judas considers as a traitor. Jesus has repudiated his mother and his brothers and sisters. He has also let down Maria Magdalene and he has dissociated himself from the guerillas against Rome. Because of his passivity leading towards his own death Judas considers Jesus to be betraying what he himself has preached. Judas feels that not only Jesus but also God has deserted him. In this utter loneliness he turns his thoughts towards suicide as the only and ultimate solution to his problems. Throughout the drama Judas is desperately crying out the deepest and most existential questions. However he gets no answer either from Jesus or God.