The Bedmate (English)

av Jacob Hirdwall


Nick Norris

Antal skådespelare

Kvinnliga: 3    Manliga: 1


2002 15 November, City Theatre of Arhus


>90 min



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A nightly pandemonium takes place in a hotel room somewhere in Europe. A man has booked a room and via the internet he has ordered a woman to keep him company overnight, the bedmate. A strange woman suddenly enters the room with the bedmate’s bag. The woman and the man are brother and sister and have a son who has died. From a locked room, the sound of bells are heard, bells heard only by the bedmate.

This enigmatic play does not have a linear story line but rather uses a tableau-like dramaturgy reminiscent of the surrealistic universe found in David Lynch’s "Lost Highway".

Cast: 1 man, 3 women. Duration: aprox. 1 hour 45 minutes.

First opening night 15th of November 2002 at the City Theatre of Arhus, Denmark.

Director: Ulla Gottlieb.

"The Bedmate" is also availeble in danish and german translation.